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Organ Donation Calendar 2019 - now reduced to half price

Organ Donation Calendar 2019 - now reduced to half price

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Grab yourself a bargain and spread the word about organ donation all year!

A group of ladies from Haverfordwest Ladies Circle have got together to create a fun calendar to spread awareness of Organ Donation.  

Each month features a different body part that can be donated, painted onto one of the ladies in a tasteful image, together with an inspiring slogan about donation.  The final month is a group image of everyone taking part.

All profit raised from this calendar will go towards Belle's Story, an umbrella cause raising money for the 5 charities that have supported Belle Curran, a gorgeous 10-year-old girl with interstitial lung disease, to have a better quality of life while she waits on the emergency list for a double lung transplant.  Belle was diagnosed at a young age and is now at the stage of needing 24-hour oxygen, numerous steroids and other drugs and is on a ventilator at night.  Despite all the challenges she faces she is determined to live life to the full and always has a smile on her face - she is an inspiration to all that meet her. 

The charities give life-saving support, advice, care and respite to Belle and her amazing family.  Belle is keen to gift a portion of the money raised to

as they've all made such a difference to her and her family.  She would like to give back to the charities that help her, and this calendar has been created to do just that while also spreading the important message about organ donation.


If you are not already on the organ donation register please check out all the information here, where you will be able to submit your details if you wish.

If you are already on the register please remember to have the conversation with your family so they are aware of your wishes.  Those of you with children, consider if you would like them to be on the register too.

All the amazing body paint images of the organs, tissue, bone marrow and blood are thanks to the skills of inspirational Pembrokeshire based artist Sara Crisp. 

The photography is the work of the talented Stefan Ashby from Il Mio Photography, who donated his time and expertise to help create the calendar.