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the PEACHY PACKAGES subscription story

**This page will be updated soon as my story is changing and my business is evolving - watch this space!**


The ethos behind Peachy Packages is to provide the recipient with a box full of useful surprises for them to enjoy, that encourage them to consider what they want to achieve by providing the products to help plan their activities, with some little extras and some yumminess to enjoy while doing so! It's all about realising everything is a choice and how it's so important to be kind to ourselves as well as to others.  

My name is Andrea and I am the founder of Peachy Packages.  I know that once you get in a habit of planning your time, capturing everything that needs to be done and actually doing some of that essential life admin while being kind to yourself in the process, you may just find anything is possible.  Self care takes a back seat for many busy people, but we all know it's much easier to give more of yourself when you’re happy, healthy and in control of your priorities.  Sometimes something small, like 5 mins to yourself to enjoy a cuppa, or getting yourself organised with cards for family and friends, or receiving delightful items that are also practical, is all it takes to make you feel good again.  So now you can treat yourself or a loved one to a beautifully packaged, thoughtfully filled Peachy Package of fabulous goodies!

Peachy Packages Ltd has been born out of experience of trying to remember everything that needs to be done when juggling a busy career, home and three child family single handedly, with so many things always vying for attention.

Last year I found I was stuck in a rut just dealing with the day to day (it wasn’t an unpleasant rut, but I was still stuck in it nonetheless) and had forgotten that it only takes one decision to be a step closer to a whole different life.  After some challenging situations I gave myself permission to dream big and take those decisions which mean I am now living the life I love, where I love, with those I love.  I’ve started Peachy Packages as I am so grateful for what I have been able to achieve and would love to be able to inspire others to reach for their dreams, even if just in a small way.

Go on, treat yourself or a loved one.

Peachy Packages are here to give you that reminder to take a break, some post that you actually look forward to, with lovely goodies to covet and put to use straightaway.  Items are carefully chosen so you can continue to enjoy the benefit of the contents long after you first break open the seal.

Andrea Buckle, founder of Peachy PackagesLove Andrea, Peachy Packages founder