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The profits from these items will go to one of these charities:

I am part of Haverfordwest Ladies Circle, who this year are supporting these 5 charities nominated by a fabulous young girl called Belle Curran, who is currently on the waiting for a double lung transplant from Great Ormand Street.  Each of the 5 charities has helped Belle and her family cope with the difficulties she faces in daily life and Belle would love to give back so other children can also benefit.

Follow Belle's Story on Facebook if you want to know more!

If you are not already on the organ donation register please check out all the information here, where you will be able to submit your details if you wish.

If you are already on the register please remember to have the conversation with your family so they are aware of your wishes.  Those of you with children, consider if you would like them to be on the register too.