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Why I Started A Subscription Box Business

Hi, I'm Andrea and I am the founder of Peachy Packages, a UK based subscription box company.  The idea for Peachy Packages came to me some time ago, when I was busy juggling a full time senior management career with full time single motherhood of three glorious children.   Having the right things to hand just to make sure all the life admin was handled meant being uber organised, all the time!  So why wasn't there something I could order to help me out? 

I was craving something that would provide me, in one easy to order package, some lovely tea and luxury chocolate (both vital for my relaxation, inspiration and concentration), together with all the stationery necessary to get planning and organising (including cards! I never had cards in the house when I needed them) and maybe some other useful bits and bobs, like something handy for the house or a gift I could pass on when I'd forgotten to buy one. 

And then there is the slightly self indulgent side of it, where if I could order this it would feel like a real luxurious treat, as like many mums I rarely treated myself, however there would be none of the usual guilt as everything would be useful and usable straightaway.  

I also love post.  The joy of sending and receiving hand written notes should totally be encouraged.  I realised it wasn't just me that didn't have time to pick up these items, there are so many busy people out there who just muddle on through or write lists on backs of envelopes or nibble the kids chocolate instead of treating themselves to the nice stuff.  And so after a few life changing decisions, Peachy Packages was created! 

I love the concept of subscription boxes and it's definitely a popular trend for UK e-commerce at the moment.  I love the fact that subscription boxes allow customers to sample new products and discover exciting new brands each month which keeps it fresh and interesting for both the creator and the consumer.  The customer appeal lies in the convenience and value for money together with the surprise element and the feel good factor of receiving a box through the post, which made this an ideal model to base my business on.

The ethos of my Peachy Package subscriptions are all around self care, encouraging recipients to relax with a cuppa and an indulgent bite to eat while they to make the time to do those things that need to be done. The timeless appeal of the brands included add a touch of luxury to mundane life admin, encourage you to plan new adventures and provide really useful items that won't languish in the bottom of a drawer somewhere.  I really hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy putting them together.

Peachy Packages are available as a monthly themed box of surprises, either as a one off purchase or on a subscription, so once you've used up all the lovely items you know the next one you receive will be filled with all new goodies for you to enjoy or to give someone as a gift.  

Do you want to look forward to some fabulous post popping through the door every few weeks? Pop over the shop and choose yourself a delightful package of goodies!

love Andrea, founder of Peachy Packages Ltd

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